Visit all the National Parks in Missouri

Visit All The National Parks in Missouri

We know the burning question you’re all asking today. Hey Parkchasers, what’s the best way to visit all the national parks in Missouri?

Wait, not your burning question today?

That’s okay. We’ll still answer the question anyway. In fact, today we’re posting our free custom itinerary to get you on the road and out to all of Missouri’s national park units. We just finished part of this #parkchasing route on our Midwest National Parks road trip and can promise that Missouri has a great mix of history, scenery, and fun throughout the parks.

Another question you ask? How many national parks are in Missouri?  

Of the more than 400+ units in the National Park Service, there are 6 national parks in Missouri. 6 National Historic Trails (affiliated sites) also start somewhere in the state.

About Missouri’s National Parks

Here are some facts you should know about the national parks in Missouri:

  • Over 3.6 million people visit a national park unit in Missouri each year.
  • The parks add more than $411 million in economic benefit to Missouri communities and gateway towns.
  • The National Park Service studies and protects five different endangered or threatened species living in Missouri’s parks.

Missouri National Park Road Trip Itinerary

Looking for a road trip to visit all six national parks in Missouri? Check out our custom Google Map with directions beginning at Gateway Arch National Park in St. Louis and ending at Harry S. Truman National Historic Site in Independence.

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Midwest National Park Road Trip

About the National Parks of Missouri

Gateway Arch National Park

Gateway Arch National Park

NPS Website
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Gateway Arch, formally known as Jefferson National Expansion Memorial expanded to national park status in 2018. It’s the only national park in Missouri. The park has much to offer beyond the iconic memorial structure. During your visit, walk along the downtown riverfront area and tour the gorgeous Old Courthouse building where the historic Dred Scott case was held.

Passport Cancellation Locations

Passport cancellation stops can be found around the park. Find stamps in the Gateway Arch bookstore after security, the front entrance desk before security, the ranger desk outside the theater, and in the Old Courthouse bookstore.

George Washington Carver National Monument - one of the national parks in St. Louis

George Washington Carver National Monument

NPS Website
Location: Diamond, Missouri

Of all our stops on our Missouri national parks road trip, George Washington Carver National Monument left the biggest impression. The site commemorates agriculture pioneer, educator, and humanitarian George Washington Carver. Born into slavery in Missouri, Carver worked tirelessly to gain an education and then entered a lifetime of teaching and philanthropy. His legacy left a lasting impact on thousands of lives.

Visitors to the site can walk a self-guided trail on the Carver farm where he was born and learn more about his life and agricultural methods.

Passport Cancellation Locations

Passport cancellation stop for George Washington Carver National Monument can be found at the front desk of the park visitor’s center.

The Truman Home - Harry S Truman National Historic Site

Harry S Truman National Historic Site

NPS Website
Location: Independence & Grandview, Missouri

Located just east of Kansas City in the sleepy town of Independence, Missouri, Harry S Truman National Historic Site was one of the first presidential homes we visited in the National Park Service. Visitors can walk the streets Truman and his family called home and tour the museum that includes hundreds of Truman-era artifacts. But most importantly, plan time to take a guided ranger-led tour of the two-story home where Truman and his family lived before and after his term as our 33rd President.

If you have a little more time, visit the Truman family farm located in Grandview, about 20 miles south of Independence. The farm buildings are closed to the public, but the grounds are open daily for a cell-phone audio tour.

Passport Cancellation Locations

Passport cancellations are available at the Harry S Truman National Historic Site visitor’s center museum.

Ozark National Scenic Riverways entrance sign

Ozark National Scenic Riverway

NPS Website
Location: Van Buren, Missouri

In the 1960s, Ozark National Scenic Riverway in Van Buren, Missouri became the first national park to protect a river. The park’s 80,000 acres preserve hundreds of miles of Jack and Current Rivers for recreation. Options for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and other river recreation can be found throughout the park.

On land, activities include visiting one of the park’s many freshwater springs, historical mills and farms, birdwatching and hiking.

Passport Cancellation Locations

Park stamps can be found at multiple locations around Ozark National Scenic Riverway. Check for stamps at visitor centers in the Round Spring, Alley Mill, and Pulltite areas. You can also find cancellation stamps at the park headquarters in Van Buren, Missouri.

Ulysses S Grant Home

Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site

NPS Website
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Just outside of downtown St. Louis, many people stumble on Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site by accident. It’s directly across the street from a popular St. Louis tourist attraction and amusement park with a similar name. Luckily, visitors that find their way to ‘White Haven’ won’t be disappointed. The historical home where Ulysses S. Grant met his wife Julia met and raised a young family is open to the public for guided tours. Visitors can learn about Grant’s early life in the St. Louis area and how he rose to become one of the most influential United States Presidents.

Passport Cancellation Locations

Passport cancellation stop for Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site can be found at the front desk of the park visitor’s center.

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

NPS Website
Location: Republic, Missouri

Located 10 miles from downtown Springfield, Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield lays claim to several significant events in the early Civil War. Wilson’s Creek was the site of the first battle fought west of the Mississippi River. The Union Army lost its first general at Wilson’s Creek. Visitors can travel back in time in the battlefield exhibits, see live demonstrations of Civil War life, and travel the self-guided audio tour around the site.

Passport Cancellation Location

Passport cancellation stop for Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site can be found at the front desk of the park visitor’s center.

Visit all the national parks in Missouri
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