Glacier National Park Trip Planning Toolkit

Decided on taking a summer trip to but no time to plan? Want to make sure you’ve got the best Glacier National Park trip planning tools but don’t want to spend days putting together the best itinerary? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In honor of Glacier National Park’s birthday on May 11th, we’re posting our ultimate Glacier National Park trip planning toolkit. It includes MORE THAN 50 LINKS to the best websites, travel guides, maps, social media accounts, and to-do lists from all across the travel community. We’ve gathered it together in one place so that you can save time planning and spend MORE time enjoying the best of one of America’s most popular national parks!

Use the links below to browse all the resources in our Glacier National Park Trip Planning Toolkit:

19 Glacier National Park Lists for Packing and Things to Do

The Top 9 Glacier National Park Travel Books

Our Park Chaser Posts about Glacier National Park

Top 9 Websites for Glacier Travel Information

The Best Glacier Hiking Maps

Glacier Facebook Pages and Groups for Trip Recommendations

19 Glacier National Park Lists for Packing and Things to Do

19 Glacier National Park Lists for Packing and Things to Do

There’s something about national park enthusiasts that are naturally drawn to lists. Those of us in hot pursuit of a trip to each of the national parks can attest, we love a good list to inspire our next trip. We scoured the web and created a “list of Glacier lists” just for you. It includes packing information, things to do, and travel guides from some of our favorite places around the web.

Park Facts Lists

Packing Lists for Glacier

Itineraries & Things to Do In Glacier

Wildlife & Plants

Glaciers & Mountains

The 9 Best Glacier National Park Travel Books

9 Best Glacier National Park Travel Guides

If you’re like us, our first step in Park Chasing is to pick up a few travel guides from our local library or Amazon. When it comes to Glacier National Park and the western national parks, there are some great options available. We recommend checking out the travel guides from the large mass-market travel book companies and a few options from local Montana guides. Here is the list (and affiliate links) for the best Glacier National Park Travel books you should check out before your trip:

Park Chaser’s Best of Glacier National Park Posts

Park Chaser's Best of Glacier National Park

Here are all the posts we’ve written about Glacier National Park and the two visits we’ve made on the quest to visit all the sites in the National Park Service:

Hiking Guides

Top 9 websites for Glacier Travel Information

Top 9 websites for Glacier National Park travel info

If you’re looking for official information about the park or some of the most popular websites for Montana and Glacier travel information, here’s our roundup of links to add to your list:

Official Glacier National Park Website – Includes all the official information about the park, including campsite reservations, ranger programming, and current road closures. Logo of Glacier
Photo Provided by: – Montana’s Official Tourism, Travel & Vacation Info Site. They can help with local hotels, restaurants and popular tourist spots if you’re planning to drive to and from Glacier.

National Park Foundation – Glacier National Park is one of the most popular parks featured by the National Park Foundation. As the official fundraising partner of the National Park Service, they have basic travel information and some feel-good stories about recent events in the park. – This is the official website of Glacier County, Montana and the center of the local government surrounding the park. The website includes good information about hotels, itineraries, and weather information for the park.

Hiking in Header – If you have a one day or multi-day hikes in mind on some of the more than 700+ miles of trails in Glacier, you’ll want to check out It’s the resource we checked out first when planning our last two trips to the park.

Glacier Park Conservancy – The official non-profit partner of Glacier National Park, the conservancy website is a good place to look for special events in the park and conservation efforts around the park. They also have one of the best online stores for Glacier books, souviners and gear. – If you plan to stay in one of Glacier’s historical lodges or ride on one of the famous red bus tours, you’ll need to book those through the official consessionaire of the national park. – If you plan to camp in one of Glacier’s outstanding campgrounds, you’ll want to make reservations online. Those can be made through, the official reservations site of the National Park Service.

Logo for the National Park Traveler's Club

National Park Traveler’s Club – We’ve written about how the NPTC is our top resource for planning all of our Park Chasing trips. The forums and suggested itineraries for Glacier will help you make sure you get every question answered before you go and don’t miss out on any of the best spots in the park.

The Best Glacier Hiking Maps

The Best Glacier National Park Hiking Maps

If you plan to do any hiking on the more than 700 miles of trails in Glacier National Park, you’ll want to make sure you have a high-quality topographical map. Check out our two favorite maps of the park (affiliate links) while you work on Glacier National Park trip planning:

Glacier Facebook Pages and Groups for Trip Recommendations

The Best Glacier National Park Facebook Pages and Groups

When we can’t find the answer to a travel question in a travel guide or website, we almost always go to our Park Chasers Facebook community for recommendations and advice.

Did we miss a link? Do you have your own Glacier Trip Planning resource that should be added to this toolkit? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Park Chasers is an Amazon affiliate. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. We fully support these products, and by purchasing them through these links you are supporting more parkchasing trips and content on this site. Thanks for what you do for this community!



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