Visit all the National Park Service Sites in Minnesota

Minnesota has 5 sites in the NPS system, including 1 National Park:

Grand Portage National Monument

Grand Portage National Monument
NPS Website
Added to the NPS in 1960, this national monument pays tribute to the Anishinaabeg Ojibwe heritage and North West Company outpost that established Northern Minnesota and Lake Superior as an essential part of the 18th century fur trade in North America. The monument marks a central meeting spot of the Ojibwe people and the voyageurs of long ago.

Passport Cancellation Information:
Heritage Center
170 Mile Creek Road
Grand Portage, Minnesota 55605

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area
NPS Website
Located in the heart of downtown Saint Paul, the Mississippi National River and Recreation area celebrates “The Mighty Mississippi” and the history of one of the nation’s most influential economic and natural river areas. The 72 mile park has prime fishing, canoeing and birdwatching areas and is host to both winter and summer activities.

Passport Cancellation Information:
Located in the lobby of the Science Museum of Minnesota
120 W. Kellogg Blvd.
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Pipestone National Monument Sign

Pipestone National Monument
NPS Website
Evidence suggests the red pipestone this park is named after has been carved into peace and prayer pipes in the area surrounding Pipestone National Monument for nearly 3,000 years. With working quarries and pipemaking ongoing at the national monument, visitors can experience why the site is sacred to many of the American Indian populations of Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas.

Passport Cancellation Information:
Located in the Visitor Center gift shop
Pipestone National Monument
36 Reservation Avenue
Pipestone, MN. 56164

St. Croix National Scenic Riverway
NPS Website
More than 255 miles of pristine boating, kayaking, fishing and camping attract visitors from the upper Midwest and around the nation to the St. Croix river which forms the boundary between much of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Passport Cancellation Information:
Summer Sites in either Visitor Center: St. Croix Falls or Namekagon River
During winter hours the passport stamp can be found at the Polk County Tourism Center in St. Croix Falls at the intersection of Highway 8 and 35.

Voyageurs National Park
NPS Website
With more than 84,000 acres of water in Voyageurs National Park, visitors often leave the car behind and spend quiet hours paddling the shores of this historic waterway. Houseboats and kayaks are the favored way many hop between the 500+ islands in the park.

Passport Cancellation Information:
Call ahead for seasonal information about visitor’s centers in Voyageurs National Park:



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