75 National Park Hashtags ​for Outdoor & Travel Creatives

Summer is in full swing and we’re in LOVE with all the national park social media posts being shared right now. Seeing you all on vacation is one of our favorite things. Today we’re posting a GIANT list of the national park hashtags we follow and use to post on Instagram and Facebook.

We use these hashtags both to give us a glimpse of what everyone’s up to on their trips AND help others find our parkchasing content. If you’re an outdoor or travel creative, we hope you enjoy this list of national park hashtags (and add your favorites in the comments section!)

The Top 10 Most Popular National Park Hashtags

  1. #parkchaser (use our hashtag and you could be featured on our Instagram page)
  2. #nationalpark
  3. #findyourpark
  4. #nps
  5. #encuentratuparque
  6. #nationalparkgeek
  7. #nationalparkservice
  8. #nationalparkphotography
  9. #nationalparklodge
  10. #nationalparklove

10 National Park Hashtags for Families

10 National Park Hashtags for Families
  1. #nationalparkswithkids
  2. #npsfamily
  3. #parkchasingfamily
  4. #toddlersinnationalparks
  5. #nationalparkfamily
  6. #familyadventures
  7. #vacationswithkids
  8. #travelwithkids
  9. #naturefamily
  10. #kidstravel

Best Ways to Tag National Parks on Instagram

If you’re visiting a specific national park during your next road trip, there are a few popular ways to tag the park so others in the area can find your photos and posts.

The best ways to tag national parks on instagram

Tag the Park Name – The first and most popular way to tag national parks on Instagram is just to use the entire park name in a hashtag.

  • #yellowstonenationalpark
  • #glaciernationalpark
  • #mountrushmorenationalmemorial
  • #indianadunesnationalpark
  • #dinosaurnationalmonument

Tag the Name + NPS – Another way to tag a particular park is to tag the first part of the park name, followed by adding NPS, for National Park Service

  • #glaciernps
  • #zionnps
  • #archesnps
  • #utahnps
  • #midwestnps

Tag the Name + Photography – Since Instagram is all about sharing photos, one of the easiest ways to tag a national park is to use the park name, followed by photography. This tells Instagram and Facebook to show the post in feeds for people who tend to like and follow travel photography.

  • #muirwoodsphotography
  • #acadiaphotography
  • #isleroyalephotography
  • #yosemitephotography
  • #olympicnationalparkphotography

Tag the Name + Activity – If you’re hiking, biking, paddling, or road tripping in a national park, you can tag the park name and the activity together to help others learn more about what there is to do in a national park.

  • #glacierhiking
  • #grandcanyonrafting
  • #evergladesfishing
  • #acadiasunrise
  • #pearlharbormuseum

National Park Hashtags
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10 Outdoor & Travel Photography Hashtags

You can also try these 10 photography related hashtags to tag your national park posts online:

  1. #nationalparkphotography
  2. #npsphotography
  3. #travelphotography
  4. #nationalparkphotographer
  5. #wildlifephotographer
  6. #landscapephotography
  7. #naturephotography
  8. #natgeonationalparks
  9. #travelgram
  10. #vacationphotos

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The Best Hashtags for NPS Events

Each year in April, the National Park Service celebrates National Park Week. There are also special events for National Trails Day, Junior Ranger Day, and more. Check out one of these events and then be sure to use the hashtag to share it with friends:

  1. #NationalParkWeek – Third Week in April.
  2. #EarthDay – April 22nd
  3. #JuniorRangerDay – Saturday of National Park Week
  4. #NationalTrailsDay – First Saturday in June
  5. #OptOutside – Each Year on Black Friday
  6. #NationalPublicLandsDay – Fourth Saturday of September
  7. #NPSBirthday – August 25th, Anniversary of the founding of the National Park Service
  8. #VeteransDay – November 11th
  9. #BARKRangerDay – Second Saturday of National Park Week
  10. #ParkRX – Get healthy outdoors day, last Sunday of National Park Week.

Just for Fun…

If you’re looking for a virtual vacation or just a little bit of national park fun, try out some of these other popular outdoor and travel hashtags:

  1. #rangerspointingatthings
  2. #girlswhohike
  3. #radparks
  4. #nationalparksco
  5. #nationalparkobsessed
  6. #wearetravelgirls
  7. #wanderlust
  8. #travelawesome
  9. #hikingwithdogs
  10. #nature_lovers
  11. #natgeotravel
  12. #naturerocks
  13. #nationalparkusa
  14. #stayandwander
  15. #liveoutdoors



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