18 National Park Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018

On most evenings at our base camp in St. Paul, in between trip planning and meal prep you’ll find at least one of us, phone in hand, scrolling through national park Instagram accounts.

Instagram is our favorite place to catch up on national park news, research the places we’re going next, and catch those ‘virtual-vacations’ that get us through our busy professional lives.

In 2016 and 2017 we posted our favorite national park Instagram accounts we follow.  Most of those still rank high on our list for gorgeous photos and the latest park news.

If you haven’t checked out these lists, go ahead and follow these accounts first:








15 Best National Park Instagrams to Follow

15 More National Park Instagrams to Follow

Then, with a little help from our Facebook community, this week we put together a new list of national park Instagram accounts we think you should be following right now.  Some are friends we’ve picked up along the way in our “Park Chaser Profiles” series. A few on the list are official NPS accounts or park rangers.  And some are just there for fun.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram – @parkchasers.  It’s where we share more ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos and posts of our travels and pictures that don’t make it into posts here on the blog.

1. @parksproject

2. Team Larsen @somanyparks

3. @parkstampfever

4. @notsojuniorrangers

Check out our profile of Mandy and Katy in our Park Chaser’s Profile Series!

5. @rocktheparkabc

6. @nationalparkstuff

7. Sonja Saxe – @thenationalparksgirl

We also featured Sonja in our ‘Park Chaser Profile’ series back in June.

8. @Alaskanps

9. @parks_and_points

10. @justgotravelstudios

Learn more about Peter and Amy in our Park Chaser Profile of their travel poster company!

11. @juniorrangeraida

12. @nationalparkpatchlady

Check out our profile of Sandra in our Park Chaser Profile Series!

13. Lindsey & Thomas @nationalparkers

Two down and one to go tomorrow! Pullman was really neat to learn about and see! #nationalpark #findyourpark #travel #tourist #chicago

A post shared by Lindsey/Thomas👩🏻👱🏼 (@nationalparkers) on

14. @majgensteveyp

15. @jrrangersarah

16. NPS LEGO Vignettes @legoparkranger

17. @buddybisonhotspringsnp

18. Kristine Brunsman @rangerkristine

Did we forget your favorite national park instagram account on this list? Would you like to be on our next list? Leave your comments below!



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7 thoughts on “18 National Park Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018”

  1. Buddy Bison Hot Springs NP, Julie & Wayne

    Our Buddy is so excited to be included on this list. He enjoys sharing his travels with the world and will be even more motivated now for more park adventures. @buddybisonhotspringsnp

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