Park Chaser’s Best of Glacier National Park

Every year on May 11th we celebrate two big birthdays.  We think it’s no coincidence that Montana’s Glacier National Park and I (Amy) share the same birthday.  Although there’s more than 70 years between the two of us, there is a special place in our heart for Glacier.

It’s the first national park we visited and where our idea for Park Chasers began.  We saw our first bear in Glacier and it’s where we completed our longest hike ever.

It’s also the most blogged about national park on our site which is partly why we are posting today.  In honor of Glacier’s birthday, we created a list of all our posts in a “Best of Glacier National Park” round up.  It has hiking tips and an itinerary of our most recent trip to Glacier in 2016.  We hope browsing the links shows you why Glacier is one of our top 3 favorite parks.  And we hope it shows you how to make your own trip there a little more enjoyable.

If you’ve already done some #parkchasing in Glacier, we’d love to have your “Best of Glacier National Park list” also. Share it in the comments or on our Facebook page so we can add to the recommendations.

It’ll be our own “Happy Birthday Glacier” celebration!

Park Chaser’s Best of Glacier National Park


Hiking Glacier National Park: The Grinnell Glacier Trail

The hiking trails in Glacier are considered some of the best in the world and the Grinnell Glacier Trail always ranks high among the top trails in the park. Scientists estimate all the glaciers in Glacier National Park will be gone by 2030. The stunning effects of global climate change can certainly be seen on this hike.

Transformation and Change (or why you should see the National Parks Now)

While the world watched the harrowing stories from Hurricane Harvey’s destruction on the Gulf Coast last week, the nation suffered another heartbreaking blow some 1,900 miles away. Despite the heroic efforts of firefighters from around the country, on Thursday August 31, 2017, the historic Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park succumbed to wildfire.

Hiking Glacier National Park: The Highline Trail

The Highline Trail is one of the most famous hikes in Glacier National Park and our favorite hike to date. And with good reason. The scenery is stunning. Wildlife wander the same route as the hikers. Best of all, it is fully customizable for whatever kind of hike interests you.

Glacier National Park Vacation

Trip Recap: Our Glacier National Park Vacation

Camping in the Many Glacier Campground in Glacier National Park is where we originally developed our love for the National Parks back in 2010. It was the first National Park vacation we had ever been on. Since then we have never been quite sure if that is why we liked the park so much or if Glacier was really that great. In 2016 we had a chance to see how our perspective changed after visiting more than a dozen other parks. And Glacier did not disappoint.

Great National Park Drives: The Going-to-the-Sun Road

If you ask a friend or colleague who visited Glacier National Park recently, more than likely you will hear a story about the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Driving the legendary route is always listed on the “Top Things to Do in Glacier.” It’s also the highlight of many vacations.

The 3 Reasons Why You’ll Never Want to Leave Many Glacier

Many Glacier Campground was the first campground we ever stayed in the NPS, and the reason our ParkChasing adventures began.  In honor of the reservations system opening today, we thought we’d share why you’ll never want to leave once you’ve set up camp in Many Glacier.

Avalanche Creek Trail

Hiking Glacier National Park: The Avalanche Lake Trail

The Avalanche Lake Trail, one of the more popular in the park, has something for everyone. Novice hikers and families will enjoy the shorter distance, only 2.3 miles to the lake. More experienced hikers will appreciate the diversity in conditions, starting the hike in a forest of ancient cedars followed by a moderate climb to the lake and then a solitary picnic along the western shore.

Glacier National Park Trip Planning Guide

Six months of Glacier National Park trip planning will have come together in our perfect idea of an end of summer road trip. It also includes stops at Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site along the way.



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