History of the National Park Service

History of the National Park Service (Infographic)

Ready for a history lesson? August 2016 kicks off a month-long celebration for the National Park Service Centennial. Park Chasers has been looking forward to this all year. We can’t wait to share more with you about the places we love.  Today we’re starting off with a nifty timeline of the history of the National Park Service.

There are many events that shaped the first century of our National Parks. From the establishment of the Antiquities Act by President Theodore Roosevelt to the first time visitation topped 300 million, the National Parks are a part of who we are as Americans. What began as 14 parks in 1916 has quickly become more than 400 units.  Each protect a unique part of our wilderness, our history, and our heritage.  Most of all, they ensure that every American today and in the future can enjoy these places.

Lastly, the centennial reminds us we have much to look forward to.  Where will the next National Park unit be?  What lies ahead in the next 100 years? More importantly, how will we continue to protect these places for future generations?  While we may not have the answers, we are excited to see the next chapters in the history of the National Park Service.

History of the National Park Service



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