Be My Valentine? – 7 Reasons to Skip Flowers and Buy Camping Gear Instead

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and if you haven’t decided what to get that special someone this year, it’s time you thought about camping.  Skip the flowers, forget the chocolates.  Here’s 7 reasons we think you should buy camping gear instead:

1. The wilderness is the original aphrodisiac.

We all know the stories about asparagus, chocolates, and oysters. But what you may not know is how powerful spending time outdoors together can be for your relationship.

Couples that camp together report that the extra physical activity involved in camping, combined with the fewer distractions, help us forget about the stress and anxiety that can take a toll on relationships.  9 out of 10 couples reported camping improved their love life dramatically and the improvements lasted long after their trip.

Some couples claimed it was the ‘close-proximity.’ Others said it was the time away from work.  Either way, just make sure you choose an extra-large tent.

2. Nothing says snuggle like a double sleeping bag.

One of the first pieces of camping equipment we bought together as a married couple was a double sleeping bag. We were tired of wrestling the mis-matched zippers on our old bags together, and one of us inevitably would end up freezing in the middle of the night.

At the time we looked, REI had only one model in stock.  Now they carry 12. It’s definitely a sign there’s more of us that think “Couples that Camp Together, Stay Together.”

While it may mean a little extra weight and a little more space in your backpack, we promise you won’t go back to your own mummy bag. Your Valentine will appreciate having someone to warm up those chilly toes next to.

3. Or a double hammock.

Nothing says “I love you,” more than an afternoon lounging around the campsite in a double hang camping hammock.   You may get a few laughs (or a good YouTube clip) trying to safely climb in it, but buying your Valentine an extra large hammock is a great excuse to relax, read a book together, or curl up for an afternoon nap.

4. Dinner for 2 means more if you cooked it on the campfire.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a white linen, five course dinner every once and awhile. But some of our most memorable meals have been eaten at a picnic table.

We have great memories of watching the sunset and snacking on the hood of our car in Grand Teton National Park. Or having biscuits and gravy for breakfast while listening to the elk bugle in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Valentine’s Day generally means restaurants are over-crowded, over-priced, and loud. We’re pretty confident your closest campground won’t be.

Skip tradition. Buy your Valentine a new camp stove and cook set and plan an exclusive dinner for two.


 5. Bring a bottle of wine too. It will taste just as good in a collapsible cup.

We’ve definitely been known to sacrifice a little extra weight in our backpacks for a good bottle of Merlot. Surprise your Valentine with at the top of your mountain climb with a blanket, a mountain view and a favorite vintage. She’ll be impressed you even remembered to pack the glasses.

We recommend the GSI Outdoors Stainless Steel Glacier Nesting Wine Glass.


6. Skip couples counseling. Being outdoors is just as good.

In the past few years, adventure-based therapy has come on the scene as an effective option for couples and families who need a boost in conflict resolution skills.

Maybe this Valentine’s Day you and your partner pack up your backpacks and set out to resolve some of those nagging issues that don’t seem to go away.  Getting out on the trail helps you leave a hostile environment behind and ‘walk and talk’ can be much more helpful than just straight talk.

7. But what if my Valentine refuses to sleep in a tent?

That’s only because they haven’t met the right tent…

A few years ago when LED equipped tents hit the market romance got a whole lot easier in the backcountry.  We’ve had our Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL 2 man with mtnGLOTM for a year and will promise you there’s nothing better than crawling in after a long day of hiking to a set of twinkling Christmas lights overhead. The performance of these tents is exceptional, and will make even the most anti-camping Valentine wonder why they’ve been holding out all this time.

Campfire, Rocky Mountain National Park
Campfire, Rocky Mountain National Park




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