How to Visit Park for Free

How to Visit a National Park for Free in 2022

Hey there!  Can you tell there’s an extra skip in our step today!?!    The National Park Service recently announced the dates to visit a national park for free in 2022.

It’s YOUR chance to visit YOUR national parks without paying an entrance fee. Get ready to have some fun next year! 

About National Park Fees

Here’s what you need to know about national park fees:

  • Of the 400+ units in the National Park Service, just over 100 units charge an entrance fee of some sort.  

  • The most common fees are per vehicle entrance fees and per visitor admission.

  • 80% of fees collected stay in the park where it was collected and roughly 20% is used to benefit parks that do not collect entrance fees.

  • Fee dollars are used to pay for all types of expenses related to operating a park. That might include repair and maintenance of facilities, habitat restoration, law enforcement, recreation programming, and emergency services like ambulance and rescue teams.

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How to Visit a National Park for Free in 2022 (Facebook Post)

How to Visit a National Park for Free in 2022

2022 Fee-Free Entrance Dates

The National Park Service again chose 5 dates for free entrance.  On these days, the parks waive entrance fees to provide all Americans with the opportunity to visit the parks. 

Entrance free dates for 2022 include:

Other Ways to Visit a National Park for Free

Try an Annual National Parks Pass!  Does your #parkchasing mission have you traveling on days other than the 5 free national park entrance days above?
In that case, you may want to consider purchasing an Annual Pass. The America the Beautiful Federal Access Pass can be purchased in annual and lifetime limits. By paying the larger fee for an America the Beautiful pass, you can cover the day-use entrance fees for a driver and all the passengers in a personal vehicle.
National Park Passes Logo for The Ultimate Guide
For more information on America the Beautiful passes, check out our Ultimate Guide to National Park Passes.
Do you have a junior ranger who will be in the fourth grade in 2022? Enroll in the Every Kid Outdoors program and you and your family can also visit the national parks for free next year!

How to Plan Your Next National Park Vacation

Decided you would like to visit a national park for free in 2022, but a bit lost on where to start? That’s what we started Parkchasers for!

We have hundreds of posts dedicated to unique experiences in national parks and are always looking for ways we can help people plan a vacation.

Check out the links below for our own #parkchasing guides.  We have information on the more than 90 national park units we’ve visited including:

You can also connect with our growing Park Chaser Facebook community. Post a question or trip planning idea with others on a quest to visit every national park.

Start Your Own #Parkchasing List

Looking to start your next national park adventure?  
Download a free national park checklist and share your #parkchasing list!


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