Park Chaser Profile The Wandering Queen

Park Chaser’s Profile: The Wandering Queen

Today we’re sharing another post in our 2019 “Park Chaser Profiles” series. Each Q & A interview features the story of a national park traveler.  Whether you are visiting your first park or your 400th, we hope the travel tips and shared experience helps inspire your next national park adventure. Check out today’s post with Michelle, “The Wandering Queen.”

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When we first stumbled on The Wandering Queen on Instagram, we were most impressed with Michelle and her husband Jameson’s gorgeous photography. They captured some of our favorite places around the National Park Service with such stunning images. We knew we had to have them featured in one of our Park Chaser Profiles this year!

We hope you enjoy getting to know more about them as much as we did! Be sure to check out their story and follow their #parkchasing story on their blog and social media accounts.

Meet Michelle from @thewanderingqueen

Park Chaser Profile: Michelle from “The Wandering Queen”
Total Park Count: 18 of 61 national parks
Most Recent Park: Hot Springs National Park
Next Park Planning to Visit: Olympic National Park

Where can we find you online?

One of my coworkers told me how talented we were with our photography, so she encouraged me to start a blog. I began to read all about blogging and decided that this would be my next hobby. You can find me at My website is an excellent resource on camping buying guides, national park guides, and adventure guides. 

Twitter: @wanderingqueen
Instagram: @thewanderingqueen

How did your interest in national parks get started?

I decided to plan a Thanksgiving trip to Zion National Park one year. I had never been to a national park before, and I was super excited. When I got there, I completely fell in love.

First of all, I am from Texas where fall leaves are unheard of, so seeing the beautiful yellow and red leaves next to the bright orange canyon was breathtaking. I fell in love with the beauty and the atmosphere, so I knew I had to explore more parks. 

What are your favorite things to do when you visit a national park?

 I love to camp and hike. I feel a better connection with the national park when I camp, then when I stay at a hotel. Although it is difficult during the winter and fall, I still try to camp as much as I can. Strenuous hikes with amazing views are my favorite type of hikes. 

Do you collect anything or have any special traditions you do for each park?

I always collect magnets, and I put them on my fridge. 

Which national parks have you liked the most? Liked the least? 

Zion has by far been my favorite. Probably because it was my first national park. I feel like it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Petrified Forest National Park has been my least favorite. It was a little underwhelming, and most of the attractions can be done in a day. 

Everyone that travels to a national park has a favorite story they like to tell about a trip. What’s your favorite national park story?

We decided to go to Yosemite National Park for Thanksgiving one year and camped out. On the last night, it started to snow. Throughout the night we had to make sure to kick off the snow on top of the tent to prevent the tent poles from breaking. We also heard trees falling around us because the snow was too heavy. It was a sleepless night, and we woke up with around one-two feet of snow but still loved the experience in the end. 

Park Chaser Profile The Wandering Queen

Thanks for reading about Michelle at The Wandering Queen! If you or a friend would like to be featured in one of our Park Chaser profiles, submit a form on our “Work With Us” page and you may be featured in our 2019 series!



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