9 New Years Resolutions for Every Park Chaser

Happy New Year from the Park Chasers.

A new year. A new start. Plenty of new adventures.

We love all the excitement a new year brings. It’s a chance to look back on the accomplishments of the last year and chart a course for our next big thing. Each year our New Year’s Resolutions and goals have a similar theme: See more parks. Be active. Unplug more.

If you haven’t decided if you’re in need of a little more #parkchasing this year, today we’re sharing some of our best New Year’s resolutions to help you reach those goals. Each resolution will make sure that this year is full of discovery (and maybe a National Park or two..)

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Happy New Year form the Park Chasers

9 New Years Resolutions for Every Park Chaser

Visit at least ____ National Parks this year.  Plan for one. Plan for 100.  Whatever you plug in the blank for this resolution, you’ll be joining the more than 300 million others who visited a park service site last year.

Hike 100 miles.  So many goals to “lose more weight” fail in January.  Instead of focusing on the pounds, focus on getting outside and on the trail this year. If distance isn’t your thing, try one of Park Chaser’s “20 hiking goals” for the year.

Train for a National Park Race.  This year hundreds of people will train for an event in a national park. If your resolution was to run a marathon this year, why not complete your goal among the most beautiful scenery in the United States?  Check out Vacationraces.com for a schedule of this year’s national park race events.

Plan a Camping Trip. It may seem like a small goal, but it’s a big one.  Camping trips with friends and family help us unwind from the day-to-day grind and make new memories with the people we care most about. New to camping – check out our ebook “50 Things to Know About Tent Camping” to get you started.

Try 1 new activity per month.  Always wanted to try whitewater rafting?  Want to know more about spelunking? Make your New Years Resolution to plan new adventures and try new things.

Volunteer in a National Park.   Why not make this year the one to give back? There are hundreds of ways to volunteer in your closest national park unit including trail maintenance, giving tours, or helping plan special events.

Collect sunrises and sunsets.   Instead of collecting more ‘stuff’ in the new year, get out your camera and collect some scenery.  Imagine your scrapbook at the end of the year (and the adventures you’d have) if you collected those quiet minutes of sunrise and sunset every day.

Set aside $$$ for your dream vacation.   New Years Resolutions often include financial goals.  This year make a point to establish a savings account marked “VACATION”.  Set aside a little bit of money at the beginning of each month for that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take.

Be kinder to the environment.  Preserving our national parks depends upon the efforts of every individual.  Buy less. Save water. Bike to work once per week. Each of these choices adds up to a year of more sustainable living.



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