15 More National Park Instagram Accounts to Follow

This post is a follow-up from May 2016. Click the image above to see more National Park Instagram accounts.

Last May we shared one of our most popular posts on ParkChasers.com: “15 National Park Instagram Accounts to Follow.” We heard your requests and are ready to share our new favorites!

Instagram has become our National Park insta-vacation this winter. We love to scroll through the stunning sunsets and hiking candids. During the 2016 Centennial year, more national park units adopted the social media platform than ever before.  The National Park Service is using Instagram to highlight visitors and share park updates.  It’s a great place to stay connected with your favorite parks.

When we posted back in May, more than 1 million posts included the hashtag #nationalpark.  That number is now 2.1 million. #findyourpark went from 250,000 to more than 700k.  You’ll love opening the app for a quick virtual get-away in the middle of the day.

While we’re still faithful fans of the original 15 instagram accounts, today we’re sharing 15 more national park instagram accounts you should add to your feed right now.  And while you’re adding these, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram: @ParkChasers

15 More National Park Instagram Accounts to Follow

1. @usinterior

2. @yosemitenps


Witnessing the majestic Yosemite Falls after a rain storm is truly unforgettable. Enjoy 30 seconds of inspiration from this afternoon.

A video posted by Yosemite National Park (@yosemitenps) on

3. @nationalmallnps


Centennial celebration photo taken by @flipflopcaravan #findyourpark #nationalmallnps #nps100

A photo posted by National Mall & Memorial Parks (@nationalmallnps) on

4. @grandtetonnps

5. @rockynps

6. @lakeclarknps

7. @bigbendnps

8. @harrystrumannps

9. @statueellisnps

10. @zionnps

11. @fort.stanwix.nps


“A good Post to be made at the Oneida Carrying Place capable of Lodging 200 men in the Winter and for 3 or 400 men in the Summer for its Defence.” …Though Fort Stanwix was situated in New York, people from many states helped to rebuild and defend it during the American Revolution. Because of their contributions, the fort served not only as an important military post, but also as a place where people from 13 very different states began to forge a national identity. Visit today and leave your mark. RPR . . #national_park_photography #nationalparkgeek #nationalpark #nationalparkservice #National_park_pictures #GoParks #FindYourPark #encuentratuparque #brownpeoplecamping #kinginthenorth #nightswatch #rhsfriendsofthefort #romeNY #winteriscoming #viking #fortstanwix #odjt #fortifications #architecture #americanrevolution #mohawkvalley #history #CNY #diversity #culturaldiversity #outdoorjournaltour

A photo posted by Fort Stanwix National Monument (@fort.stanwix.nps) on

12. @yellowstonenps

13. @joshuatreenps

14. @mountrainiernps

15. @olympicnationalpark



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