Grand Portage National Monument in Pictures

At the very northern tip of Minnesota’s North Shore area of Lake Superior lies Grand Portage National Monument.  Commemorating the fur trading relationship between the Ojibwe people and the North West Company in the late 1700’s, Grand Portage allows visitors step back to a unique time in the history of a new nation.

The “portage” itself is a 17 mile overland route from Lake Superior to the fur trading outpost Fort Charlotte. Traders traveled the route to bring furs, supplies, and other cargo to and from the lake and the nearest interior waterway. Visitors should stop in the Heritage Center and Historic Depot buildings and then hike the Mount Rose Trail up to 900 feet for a stunning overlook of the National Monument and Lake Superior.

Here are some photos from our 2015 visit:

Grand Portage from Above

Grand Portage Great Hall

Grand Portage National Monument Kitchen

Grand Portage National Monument

Ojibwa Home - Grand Portage National Monument

Fog on Lake Superior

Grand Portage Canoe

Grand Portage National Monument Trader

Grand Portage National Monument Dock



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