10 Years Ago…

Photo Credit: Helios Photography – www.heliosphotography.com

10 years ago…

…the weather was 96° and steamy.
…Michael Phelps was going nutso at the Beijing Olympics.
…we’d never been to a national park.
…we called a tiny apartment on the University of Minnesota campus our home.

10 years ago…

…Our family and friends got together
And I married my best friend.

Photo Credit: Helios Photography – www.heliosphotography.com

10 years later…

…the weather is 80° and comfortable.
…Michael Phelps has 28 medals and a son named Boomer.
…We’ve been to 64 national parks and own a townhome in St. Paul.

We still have the best family and friends.

And I’m still the luckiest girl in the world.

Photo Credit: Helios Photography – www.heliosphotography.com

Today we’re celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.

Somedays it seems like it was only yesterday when we got engaged.  Other times its hard to remember a time before we were friends.

Greg and I have spent the last decade crafting BIG goals and BIG dreams together.  In that time we’ve spent a lot of nights in a two-person tent and logged a lot of miles on the trail. We’ve had our share of airport mishaps and gorgeous sunrises.

We’ve taken more bad photos in front of national park signs than either of us can count.

Through all of it, new adventures in new places have always been at the core of our marriage.  The time we spend #parkchasing (and sharing it with all of you!) keeps us grateful for many blessings and keeps us looking ahead for those to come.

Thanks to all of you who stood beside us at the beginning, have watched us grow in the middle, and those of you ready to cheer us on in the next decade.

Here’s to what was 10 years ago ♥

and what still is today. ♥


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